Dental Related Dischargers

Dental practices that discharge waste material into the Town of Brownsburg's sanitary sewer system must comply with the Town's discharge limits and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

On July 14, 2017, the EPA promulgated new regulations for dental offices in the Code of Federal Regulations, 40 CFR Part 441. Dentists must:

  • Install an amalgam separator(s) that meets the EPA requirements and maintain it according to the manufacturer's recommendations
  • Follow the required policies in EPA's suggested best management practices
  • Submit a One-time Compliance Report to the Town of Brownsburg Wastewater Department within 90 days if the office is new or transferred to a new owner. Contact us at 317-852-1114 to begin your compliance report process.

Compliance Reports

All dental practices, both exempt and non-exempt, must submit a One-Time Compliance Report.

Disposal of Mercury Amalgam

Disposal of materials containing mercury must meet local, state and federal regulations.

The wastewater plant staff know that this is a new reporting process. Please contact us at 317-852-1114 if you have questions, and we will be happy to assist you.