Pretreatment Program


The Wastewater Department ensures that harmful substances are not discharged into our sewer system. Our Industrial Pretreatment Program is set up to talk to businesses and identify potential issues.

The Town of Brownsburg has a Pretreatment Ordinance that allows us to condition or deny businesses from discharging some substances into the sanitary sewer. These substances may include substances that create safety hazards, damage structures, interfere with treatment plant operations and processes, or substances that cannot be removed and pass through into biosolids or with the effluent into White Lick Creek.

The Pretreatment Program's first step is to survey businesses to determine whether they have the potential to discharge anything other than domestic wastewater. The information gathered by the survey is used to determine what the company has to do and informs us about what is in the wastewater system. We can also help businesses to avoid any accidental spills. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) requires that companies complete a survey every two years so that discharge changes can be identified.

The information is also included in annual reports to IDEM.