Brownsburg Fire Territory Operations

House on Fire


The Brownsburg Fire Territory is responsible to prepare for, respond to, and control all types of fires within Brown Township, Lincoln Township, the Town of Brownsburg.

The Brownsburg Fire Territory conducts an extensive fire-training program for its employees along with coordinating firefighting activities, including suppression, to support local agencies involved in rural and urban firefighting. Firefighters are given progressive training in the techniques and science of fire control as they advance through their careers. Professional Development and higher education is encouraged for all employees. Firefighting requires the most resources and has the greatest potential for loss of life and property.

Brownsburg Fire Territory Operations is led by Deputy Chief Jeff Wilson.

  1. Jeff Wilson

    Deputy Chief of Operations

Emergency Medical Services

Brownsburg Fire Territory provides ambulance response and transportation to the territory coverage area and mutual aid areas (EMS Services).  Ambulances are staffed with at least one Licensed Paramedic to provide Advanced Life Support when needed.

The EMS Division is led by Division Chief Zach Bowers.

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Firefighters in gear
  1. Zach Bowers

    Division Chief of EMS

Fire Fighters training


The Brownsburg Fire Territory's Training & Safety Division is responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance of all training for personnel. 

In addition to ensuring that all current fire personnel meet annual, mandated training requirements, the Training Division is also responsible for arranging recruit academies, company level training, multi-company level training, and special rescue/team training. Additionally, the division maintains all training manuals, materials, and records.

The Training & Safety Division is led by Division Chief Jerry Harder. 

  1. Jerry Harder

    Division Chief of Training & Safety

Fire Fighters Talking