For Vendors

Welcome to the Brownsburg Farmers Market!

The Brownsburg Farmers Market is proud to support small businesses, local growers, producers, and artisans in Brownsburg and Central Indiana. We strive to create a unique marketplace with a wide variety of locally-produced products available. Thank you for choosing to join the Brownsburg Farmers Market. Weekly vendor applications must provide at least 14 days from the expected first attendance date.


Vendors must be in place, ready to sell, at least 10 minutes before the market's opening. Selling will begin promptly at 4 PM. The vendor must be a grower, producer, or baker. No resale items will be permitted. This market is currently not accepting applications from direct sellers/resellers. We are a grower-producer market only. All items sold by vendors at the market must be approved by the market master, who reserves the right to revoke approval of sale items if they do not meet the standards outlined in this document and/or the approval documents. Please list ALL items you plan to sell in the market application. If you decide to add additional items later, please let the market master know. Certain items may follow different health department requirements and need approval before they come to market. Examples include certain types of eggs; sugar-free jams; canned foods; baked goods with dairy-based fillings and frostings; temperature-controlled foods; kombucha; fermented foods; vacuum-sealed foods; meat products; and foods prepared on-site.

Selling out

Vendors who sell out of their product before the end of the market must keep their booth in full set-up. Vendors may hang a sign indicating products are sold out; however, tear-down is not allowed until the market has officially ended for the night.

Apply to be a vendor.

Applications for the 2024 season open March 4 at 10 .a.m.

Apply to be a food truck vendor.

Complete Food truck interest form online.

Vendor Information

Vendors must have all necessary licenses, permits and inspections prior to selling at the Brownsburg Farmers Market. Indiana State Department of Health and Hendricks County Department of Health certificates (if applicable) must be submitted prior to selling at the market.

All permits must be submitted by May 4 to be assigned a booth space. Please be prepared to provide them upon request during market season.

Per the Hendricks County Health Department, food establishments operating at farmers markets are required to meet minimum sanitation requirements and obtain permits as set forth in the Hendricks County Food Ordinance and the Indiana Retail Food Establishment Sanitation Requirements 410 IAC 7 24. Hendricks County Health Department can provide you with documentation summarizing food safety or visit the Hendricks County Health Department website for information.

At any time during the market season should your booth be found not in compliance due to either a routine or unscheduled inspection performed by a member of the Hendricks County Health Department you will be held responsible and will not be able to return to market until the necessary concessions to the regulations are met.

Should you have questions or concerns about any health department regulations, you may contact Environmental Health Specialist Sharon Mayer at 317-745-9217 or email Sharon Mayer.

Certificate of Liability Insurance

A Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amounts of $1,000,000 dollar liability limit, $100,000 liability limit to rented premises, $2,000,000 aggregate limit per policy period must be provided to the Town declaring the Town as Additional Insured.

Please add the following as additional insured:
Town of Brownsburg, IN
61 North Green Street
Brownsburg, IN 46112

Vendor insurance is due by April 22 to be assigned a booth space.

Find a Vendor

Are you in need of an insurance vendor? Although the following insurance providers are not associated with the Town of Brownsburg, they have been used by many vendors in the past and offer affordable farmers market policies that meet our requirements. It would be in your best interest to get multiple quotes from different providers.

Indiana Sales Tax

It is a vendor's responsibility to know Indiana tax law and pay their taxes accordingly. For more information please visit the Indiana Department of Revenue Sales Tax page.