Leadership Brownsburg Academy

The Town of Brownsburg's Leadership Brownsburg Academy is a free 8-session seminar designed for residents ready to take the next step in being community leaders and improving the quality of life in Brownsburg. The program will allow participants to grow in their leadership, analyze issues using data, connect with decision-makers and other Brownsburg leaders, and make a difference in our community.

Participants are selected based on their demonstrated interest in learning more and engaging in the community and their desire to grow in their leadership. The class size is limited to 20 participants. 

Benefits of Participation

  • Enhanced understanding of Town of Brownsburg decision-making
  • Develop relationships with community leaders and leaders in local government
  • Learn how to use data to articulate challenges and advocate for resources for Brownsburg
  • Get a behind the scenes look at how the Town of Brownsburg operates and develop specialized knowledge about the departments and programs of the Town of Brownsburg
Leadership Brownsburg Academy

Leaders with vision and clarity of purpose will push our community forward. Our leadership development program will equip you with the ability to collaborate and exercise influence to better advocate for our Brownsburg community.  


  • Resident of the Town of Brownsburg or engaged business owner.
  • Commitment to continued community leadership
  • Ability to attend 6 out of 8 sessions

Academy Workshops Cover:

  • Introduction to the Town of Brownsburg
  • Town Budget
  • Brownsburg Government 101
  • Community Safety
  • Economic Development
  • Community Planning
  • Capital Improvement Projects
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Public Works Services
  • How to Join Boards & Commissions

2024 Schedule

  • Tuesday, February 13 (2-4 p.m.) – Introduction to the Town of Brownsburg, Leadership Development
  • Tuesday, March 12 (2-4 p.m.) – Development Services
  • Tuesday, April 9 (2-4 p.m.) – Economic Development
  • Tuesday, May 7 (2-4 p.m.) – Parks
  • Tuesday, June 11 (2-4 p.m.) – Water & Wastewater
  • Tuesday, July 9 (2-4 p.m.) – Street & Fleet
  • Tuesday, August 6 (2-4 p.m.) – Public Safety
  • Tuesday, September 10 (2-4 p.m.) –Government 101
  • October 10 – Graduation at Town Council meeting

What previous participants are saying:

Thank you to my hometown for providing such an in-depth and meaningful learning opportunity for its residents. It has truly given me a better understanding of all of the departments, roles and work that are part of a successful local government!

The people that work for this town are the unsung heroes. To a person they have given all of us such an insight and education into our great town operations. I don’t hesitate to tell residents that if they have the opportunity to attend, please do this.

The presenters were outstanding. Each presented their subject matter clearly and cogently. Very well done. Great people. Excellent education on important aspects of our town. 

Presentations and information were very well done.  [This program] was a terrific idea. Very well prepared slide presentations, and excellent people who clearly take their jobs seriously and have a commitment to our community. Excellent!!