Brownsburg UDO Review Process

The Town of Brownsburg is working on updates to the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). The UDO specifies how projects get built. It contains regulations on structure height and size, landscaping type and quantity, and parking space numbers and size, among other items. Town staff is in the process of revising these regulations to bring them up to date, to remove errors and inconsistencies and to make the document more user friendly.

Project Status

The Town contracted with HWC Engineering and Civic Blueprint to help prepare and complete the UDO review process. The consultant has been working directly with staff and the working group to determine key issues and regulation details and will conduct stakeholder interviews, open houses for public participation, general public surveys, and work sessions with the Town Council and commissioners.

A working group was established in 2022 to provide an internal review of the UDO from a professional perspective. 

Project Timeline

  • Kick-off Meeting - December 2022
  • Steering Committee Meeting 1 - February
  • Initial Draft of UDO distributed to Steering Committee and Working Group - March
  • Steering Committee Meeting 2 - mid-March
  • UDO & Zoning Map draft distributed to Steering Committee and Working Group - April
  • Steering Committee Meeting 3 - late April
  • Advisory Plan Commission Work Session - July
  • Advisory Plan Commission Work Session - September
  • Public Open House - Monday, November 6 (6-8 PM), Eaton Hall
  • Advisory Plan Commission Public Hearing - January 22
  • Town Council First Reading - Late February/Early March

Brownsburg UDO Professional Advisory Working Group

Working Group members include:

Town Council Member

  • Matt Simpson

APC/BZA Member

  • Matt Simpson
  • Brett Scowden

Business Owner

  • John Rabold

Multi-Family, Mixed Use Development

  • Rick Bolt


  • Jim Staton, AES

Residential Developer/Builder

  • Tony Bagato, Lennar

Industrial/Commercial Developer/Builder

  • Mark Susemichel, Browning

Engineer/Architect/Landscape Architect

  • Jeff Banning, Banning Engineering

Working Group and Steering Committee Meeting Highlights

  1. Kick Off (Meeting 1)

Staff gave a brief review of UDO and asked some basic questions to the group including:

  1. What is the value of having zoning regulations?
  2. What do committee members see as the most crucial elements of the UDO that need addressing?

We will use the top issues as the jumping-off point for UDO modifications.

The members were then asked to set a regular day/time to meet. The majority of members present (and those polled afterward) chose Wednesdays at 3 p.m. as the most convenient time.

  1. Working Group Meeting 2
  1. Working Group Meeting 3
  1. Working Group Meeting 4
  1. Working Group Meeting 5
  1. Steering Committee Meeting 1