Williams Park

Blast Off Playground

Williams Park is home to The Watermill Splash Pad and the popular Blast Off Playground.

Williams Park is the largest park in Brownsburg with 77 acres. Maple Ridge Trail is a 0.79-mile crushed stone nature trail that has several offshoots of secondary trails in the wooded area that runs along White Lick Creek. Amenities at Williams Park include six shelters, an additional playground, basketball courts, open grass space, and a paved 0.78-mile track around the perimeter of the park.

Park Amenities

Williams Park Shelters

Reserve a Shelter

  • The most convenient way to reserve a shelter is to reserve online.
  • Reservations may also be done in the office Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • You may also call into the office at (317) 858-4172 to register your shelter.

Please note:

  • All shelters that are not previously reserved with Brownsburg Parks' Administrative Office are on a first-come, first-served basis. If there is no "Reserved" sign outside of the shelter, it is free to anyone for that day.
  • All rentals are for one day only. The shelter reservation is from 5 am, when the park opens until the park closes at dusk.
Facility Regular Fee Resident Fee Non-Profit Fee Weekdays, Regular Fee Weekdays, Resident Fee
Alpha Shelter $66 Free Free Free Free
Shelter 1 $88 $66 $22 $44 $44
Shelter 2 $88 $66 $22 $44 $44
Shelter 3 $132.50 $110.25 $22 $66 $66
Shelter 4 $110.25 $88 $22 $44 $44
Shelter 5 $132.50 $110.25 $22 $66 $66
Shelter 6 $88 $66 $22 $44 $44