Fleet Maintenance

What We Do

The Fleet Maintenance Department provides support services for all Town of Brownsburg vehicles, equipment and tools. We work to complete repairs and routine maintenance within a timely manner so vehicles and equipment are not out of commission for any length of time. Some of the daily responsibilities include:

* Organizing and managing all Town of Brownsburg vehicles and equipment

* Maintenance and repair of Town fleet

* Overseeing fuel resources

* Fleet vehicle acquisition, specifications and disposal.

The Fleet Maintenance Facility is designed to keep Town of Brownsburg vehicles on the road while lowering costs by using modern maintenance practices and technologies. We exemplify the definition of interdepartmental cooperation by offering flexibility and reliability. We take pride in ensuring the Town's fleet is clean, safe, dependable, and ready to respond and perform in all emergencies, as well as day-to-day operations. We provide superior preventative maintenance and repairs to optimize performance and minimize downtime.

Along with maintaining Town of Brownsburg vehicles, the Fleet Maintenance Department provides support to the following agencies: Town of Pittsboro, Town of Speedway, Whitestown, the Hendricks County Coroner, the Hendricks County 4H Complex, and the State Attorney General.

  1. Chris Keers

    Phone: 317-852-1115

  2. Fleet Maintenance Department

    Physical Address
    221 Mardale Drive
    Brownsburg, IN 46112


    Phone: 317-852-1115