The Water Division is responsible for operating, maintaining, and improving an extensive system of pipes, hydrants, and treatment processes, all aimed at providing safe and reliable drinking water to and from buildings and homes while ensuring that water is available during emergencies like fires or droughts.

Water Tower

What Comprises the Water Distribution System?

The Town's water system consists of two treatment facilities and eight deep water wells. The 3.2-million-gallons-per-day Plant Number 1 in Arbuckle Acres Park was put online in 2013. Plant Number 2 is a pressure filtration system facility built in 1987 that pumps approximately 900,000 gallons daily. Both treatment facilities chlorinate the water when it is received from the wells. The water is filtered and chlorinated again as it leaves the filters and goes into the system.

The Water Department treats and pumps an average of 1.4 million gallons per day from Brownsburg's treatment plants and purchases approximately 5 million gallons per day of water from Citizens Energy Group. A 2-million-gallon water tower built in 2003 at County Road 700N contains a booster station that pumps 2,400 gallons per minute to the north sector of our community. There is a 1 million gallon water tower located on South Odell Street.

Water Utility Rates

We are committed to operating efficiently and keeping water rates affordable for our customers. For information on rates, visit our Utility Rates page.


Where Does Brownsburg's Water Come From?

Drinking water comes from groundwater pumped from eight wells drawing water from the White River Basin and the purchase of approximately 400,000 gallons per day from Citizens Energy Group.

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Ways You Can Help

Help the Town take care of its most valuable resource: water. Learn how you can take action!