My Deposit

New Account Deposits

A water meter deposit is required by the Town of Brownsburg: 

  • $75 for meters 1 inch or smaller 
  • $350 for meters larger than 1 inch 

Along with the water meter deposit, renters are also required to pay a $100 sewer deposit for meters 1 inch or smaller; $350 for meters larger than 1 inch. Deposits will be added to the first month’s bill.

The deposit must be paid before service can be started. New or current residents wishing to set up new service or to transfer service will need to complete the Utility Service Application online. The resident's signature is required on the application form along with a copy of your driver's license and a copy of the lease, if renting.

Transferring Addresses

If you are currently a resident with active service and are transferring from one address to another, you must have your current bill paid in full, plus an estimated final bill before the deposit can be transferred to the new address. If the deposit is transferred and there is a balance or credit on an old account, it will be transferred to the new address. You must provide us with a shut-off date and a start date for both addresses.

Old Accounts

All active accounts require a deposit, so if you open a new account before closing an old account, there must be a deposit on each account.

Once the old account is final and shut off, the deposit on that old account can be applied to the balance, transferred to your new account as a credit, or refunded to you.